Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing

  A healing treatment is approximately 1.5-2 hours long, sometimes longer if the client still needs time to integrate the energy and the information that comes in.

  There is an intake form to fill out and discuss at the first treatment, which gives me a history of your health, if you are under a Doctor’s care and/or taking prescription drugs, and it helps me to better understand your health conditions.

  Clients come to me for a myriad of reasons: stress, depression, chronic health problems, acute health issues, addictions, relationship issues, financial concerns, and sometimes just to have more information about what is next on their journey. We must take our time with this process, so that when a client begins their treatment, they are more aware of what their intention for the treatment is...

   For many clients, the moment they enter the healing space, they have a sense of relief and understanding, that whatever comes up - before, during or after their session - is an integral part of their healing. You will be in a place of non- judgement, and you will be able to hold space for yourself, and trust that what you are about to receive is for your best and highest good.

  The next step is lying on the treatment table to receive healing.  This part of the treatment takes as long as the energy guides me; it could be an hour or it could be more, depending on what you need. Many clients often get so relaxed during their sessions, that the they fall into a deep state of healing sleep.

  I will work on whatever I am guided to during your session, laying my hands on or over your body and in your energy field. I work with Reiki Energy, Seraphim Blueprint Healing Energies, Qigong, and Intuitive Guidance.

  The session always starts with prayers for your best and highest healing. I often incorporate essential oils, crystals, and music for vibrational healing. Each session is tailored uniquely for you and different each time.

  Once the energy guides me to conclude your healing, you can take your time in coming out of your relaxed state, and when you are ready to join me, we will discuss what guidance came in for you.

  During a session, a lot of information can be channeled through me if the client is open to it; I can then share it with them, to better help them understand the process of healing. This information could be from the past, present or future, it can be physical, emotional, or mental impressions that I receive.

Again, this process takes as long as the client needs to receive it. The session is not done until it is understood and translated.


  As you can tell, I like to take my time with each client so that they feel completely relaxed, clear, loved and hopeful for healing. The healing continues for days, weeks and months, and is cumulative with as many additional treatments as the client is guided to receive.

  I have been doing healing sessions for over 6 years now, and in my experience, the more time you take with the healing, the more powerful the energy and the ensuing experience for the client.

  My spiritual family in Charleston is special to me, and I am so grateful to have treated them over these last 6 years. I continue to work with them as needed when I am back in Charleston once a month, and also do remote healing work with clients all over the US when they cannot come to me.

  There is so much more to my practice, but until you have experienced a treatment for yourself, you cannot fully appreciate the impact that it can have on you.  But for now,

I hope that this will help answer most of your questions.  


Wishing you Peace, Joy and Light on your Journey ~


            Intuitive Coaching 

Intuitive coaching Session

  In essence, an Intuitive Coaching Session is guidance for a more positive, loving, patient, and compassionate way of living your life.

  It creates a more purposeful practice of being grateful, shifting your perspective and manifesting your desires;it helps you to create a clear path of intention, and the means of putting that intention into action.

  Part of this new process of being, also involves learning to hear your Guidance and trusting that Guidance;it involves understanding how the Universe provides for us all, and how to embrace that abundance and be present with it.

  Not getting attached to our expectations of what or how we think something is supposed to be, is of paramount importance; we must instead, be open to whatever shows up.


  Exercises that facilitate a lifelong practice of mindfulness, healing and love, and moves us along the Path that is meant only for us, and allows us to share those practices and intentions with others :)

     Space Clearing 

Space Clearing

 What is a space clearing? A space clearing is an energetic shift in the space, or property.  By shifting the energy in the space it creates a more peaceful, calm feeling, a sense of wellbeing and happiness. The energy in your home has a direct impact on your physical and mental, emotional health.  Most clients report feeling a palpable difference in their surroundings and just feel more comfortable in their space.

  I also do office and work space clearings to help you have a more productive, peaceful, happier, work environment. 

  Each space clearing is very unique, depending on the location of the space, the size of the space and the people living or working in the space. Prices for this service varies, please contact me for pricing. 

  If you are curious about the space clearing and would like to hear from others that have had this service, check out the "Love Notes" page to read about client experiences. 

Feng Shui Consultaton

Feng Shui

 Feng Shui is studying the flow and movement of energy within a space, and purposefully guiding it to offer the greatest benefit to the occupants. Its principles maintain that we live in harmony with our environment. Its aim is to achieve balance in your living and working space and maximize your potential for success in all areas of your life. Literally translated Feng Shui means “wind water”. Wind scatters energy and water holds energy.


 Homes are a reflection of their occupants. If any part is missing, neglected or has negative energy, then this is reflected in the life of its occupant. Want to attract some positive energy, clear out clutter, increase your wealth, bring great health and vitality. Create a beautiful environment, start a new business, improve your relationships, and heighten your spirituality. All of these can be implemented with Feng Shui.


 As a practicing Interior Designer for almost 27 years, I have a lot of experience balancing the natural flow of energy in the environment, shifting those energies to support you instead of work against you.

 I studied with an internationally known senior student of His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun of Taipei, Taiwan, I studied Black Sect Feng Shui. I learned to fine tune my Interior Design skills, with this knowledge, and wisdom, that has been practiced for thousands of years. My business has become much more intimate with my clients, I help them become more aware, of how to be in a natural state of balance.


 An initial Feng Shui consultation is 2 hours. I hope this resonates with you, and if so I look forward to working with you. Please contact me for pricing information.

Balance and Harmony,


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