Love Notes

A little about Love Notes...Some of the amazing students, and clients that I am so grateful to work with, have been kind enough to write about their experiences working with me, I will include below.  

Blessings, Rhonda

 " I am a healthcare practitioner.  I have suffered from burnout for years due to self-sacrifice for the benefit of my employer and patients.  After many years of practice, it became apparent to me that—in order to continue working in my career—I needed to learn about better self-care and management of the stressful challenges that were presented to me in my work setting. 

  As I discussed these challenges with my mentor, she recommended getting in touch with Rhonda and taking a Reiki class.  Of course, as a healthcare practitioner in the Western medical world with a solid education in evidence based practice, I was skeptical.  What is Reiki anyway?  Isn’t it a little ‘out there’ for me?  How would this help ME? 

  Despite my doubts and judgment, I trust my mentor completely, so I took the plunge and signed up for Reiki I and II with Rhonda. 

  This first weekend of Reiki training was hard for me, I’m not gonna lie.  Because growing is hard.  And reflection is hard.  And sitting still to focus on myself—when I am used to running around with scattered focus on everyone else—is hard.  I got through the class, with all my growing pains, and decided that, if I put all this time and energy into this class, I might as well give it a try. 

  So I began to incorporate the things I learned from Rhonda and Reiki into my daily life…and amazingly enough, things began to change.  I actually was quite astounded by the palpable improvement in the way I felt, in my relationships with others, and in the way others responded to me.  As I fed the emotional and spiritual self that had been starved all these years, I gained clarity about myself and the people around me, I felt more well rounded and balanced, and I began to have specific tools to maintain caring for myself as also I cared for others. 

  Needless to say, I was inspired.  So I kept taking Reiki classes with Rhonda, all the way through the Master level.  What’s more, Rhonda was there for me every step of the way to mentor me, answer questions, give guidance, and most importantly, to give me unconditional, loving support, which was exactly what I needed. 

  My self-care journey is by no means over...just beginning actually.  But taking my first step with Rhonda and Reiki was one of the best things I have ever done for myself, and a fantastic beginning to a new life of self-care, balance, replenishment, love, and light. "


          ~Sara, Physical Therapist, Clinical Specialty in Neurological Physical Therapy, Charleston, SC

  "In October of 2014, I lost my 21 year old son tragically. In January, 2015, an acquaintance suggested to go to her Reiki Master, Rhonda Lanier, to have a Reiki session.

  I didn’t have a clue about Reiki. I held Rhonda’s business card as I drove home and was compelled to call her. I had not reached beyond family for help with my grief and yet I called her twice and left messages.

My appointment was a day or so later and when I say it changed my life, it’s actually an understatement.

  I felt my body pulsing and I lost track of time. A peace came over me and when Rhonda whispered, “Take your time and open your eyes.” I felt beautifully wrapped in sweet calmness.    

  In our talk after my session, I learned of her spectacular gifts. She knew and told me facts she could never had known otherwise and the messages she relayed to me were so meaningful to me, although not to her, she shared them with compassion and sweetness. I wept with relief. And that night, I slept.

  I made an appointment for my 25 year old daughter a day later. With a similar, yet personal, experience, my daughter and I felt the healing process begin and even more extraordinary, we both felt a journey was at hand.

  We both continued as Reiki clients and felt called to be Reiki Practitioners.

Our spiritual path has lead us through many changes, the most significant being one of positivity. It seems all, the Reiki training, crystal classes, Seraphim Blueprint, plus the extra classes, has lead to a life of positivity and intent to do good, to facilitate healing in individuals and our Universe.

 So saying I am grateful is extremely important. The Universe arranges for us to find what we need.

If you’ve found Rhonda, you are supposed to."


Jan Varn, M.Ed.

Smoaks, SC


  "I am honored to have been referred to Rhonda. I met Rhonda a few years into my recovery from addiction and suicide attempts. At that time, I was proud of the work I had done to stay in recovery, yet my life felt stagnant, and I was overwhelmed by heartbreak.

  Rhonda's intuitive guidance and healing brought me from a place where I was just surviving in recovery to a life that I could have never dreamed of!

  While seeing Rhonda, she was able to help heal my heart and give me compassionate guidance to move forward with my life. Rhonda also helped build my self confidence and gave me some wonderful self care tools to incorporate into my recovery.

  Through this I felt empowered to quit my dead end job and set my sights on moving to the city of my dreams which happened to be across the US!

  I am thankful that Rhonda has been an incredible part of my recovery journey to building a thriving life worth living!" -


Stephanie S., San Francisco, CA

"I have been seeing Rhonda for over a year now. I originally contacted her for Reiki, little did I know how much she would help shape my life. She became so much more than my Reiki therapist, she's my spiritual teacher, confidant and friend. Each decision I have made over the past year has been through her guidance and incite. She is the most caring, empathic, spiritual and beautiful person I have ever met and I feel grateful that I get to spend a few hours with her every month. Just being around her brings you a sense of calmness and balance. If you have the chance to work with Rhonda, do it! You will not be disappointment and you will be amazed at how your life transforms!"


Carrie Andress

Charleston, SC

  "Working with Rhonda has helped me create major transformation professionally and personally. Our trainings in Reiki and Seraphim Blueprint were insightful, remarkable, deeply healing and life-changing. I now incorporate these teachings into my every day life and into my practice as wellbeing coach.

  I also work with Rhonda 1:1 when I need tending. Her energy is just so beautiful and I'm always in awe of the depth of her gifts. I"m so grateful to have Rhonda in my life."


Honor Hawkins

mother of two, wellbeing coach, herbalist, advanced Reiki practitioner, Seraphim Blueprint practitioner

Charleston, SC

  "Rhonda has greatly impacted my life in a positive manner. I met her last November & have taken her courses thru Reiki Master level as well as the Seraphim Blueprint courses. These healing techniques have provided me with tools to better navigate my life, to grow in the direction I want & need to be growing in.

  Since beginning my education in energy work with Rhonda & receiving healing sessions with her - I have noticed profound shifts in my life.

  Physically, I have lost excess weight and cleared my skin. Career wise, I have started down a completely different path - from corporate consulting to yoga instruction & founding my own wellness company. Spiritually, I have experienced a sense of wholeness that I had yet to enjoy in my prior way of living.

  Her work is truly amazing and I highly recommend her as a spiritual teacher, psychic, and intuitive coach."



Ashley L. Cox

Registered Yoga Instructor 250 hr

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master

Founder of Tulua Yoga & Wellness

Atlanta, Ga

  "Rhonda is an angel. She is certainly an angel in my life. I began seeing Rhonda during a very dark time in my life, my energy was dim and I felt lost in my direction. Rhonda helped me realign my life from my chakras and all the way down to my core values and to find my light again. She is a true empath and knows just what you need at any given time.

  I highly recommend sessions with Rhonda to anyone who is seeking guidance in any arena of their life or to anyone who is looking to work on their energy flow. I cannot say enough great things about Rhonda and the work that she does. "


Thank you, 

Lori DeNicola 

Charleston, SC

  "When I was first introduced to Rhonda, I was in the process of healing from past traumas and pains. I had been in this negative process for a while. I had been going to counseling and trying traditional healing practices with improvement, but not finding genuine peace. I was lost and did not have a solid faith in The Divine. 

  Experiencing Reiki from Rhonda has been the most tangible spiritual experience I’ve ever had. I felt a deep healing that has changed my life permanently for the better. The overwhelming amount of Love I’ve felt, not only from Rhonda, but The Divine Love that is channeled through her, is honestly what has solidified my faith and healed me. 

  I would recommend Rhonda, to everybody. My life has improved immensely and has also helped me in my relationship to The Divine. Overall, energy healings, Reiki classes and Intuitive Coaching has been the most effective form of healing for me and an incredibly beautiful experience.”


Madelyn, Student

Charleston, SC

 Thank you so much, I can’t even tell you the shift I have felt being in m own space after the Space Clearing you did for me. It is truly extraordinary, and I feel like it keeps getting better. I am learning just how powerful your work is. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me; I feel settled and at home in my home. I feel about my home in a way that I didn’t ever think I could feel here. I feel that desirelessness that I don’t need to move anymore. I really love the energy here, I have to remind myself that whenever I move I can call you and you can make it feel as good as it feels here.


Lindsey Simmons

Charleston, SC

 The experiences I have been having since Rhonda cleared my house are profound. My then three year old son finally, for the very first time, began sleeping through the night. That in and of itself was more than I could have hoped for and it happened immediately. Prior to his doing so he would wake multiple times frequently in a full broken tantrum.  His room would be noticeably colder than the rest of the house to point where I would get goose bumps each time I'd walk in to calm and and get him back to sleep.

My husband and I’s relationship continues to improve in ways I couldn’t have imagined possible.

Before the clearing there was a lot of tension and irritability.

We immediately began to receive comments about how good it feels in our home and people started asking if they could host events, workshops and parties in our space and continue to.

Our place has always been beautiful and now it feels like a sanctuary. 

 I work from home and regularly hear from clients new and old how different it feels once they approach the very area around the property that Rhonda cleared. 

I feel so happy and safe and peaceful in my home now. It’s feels much more expansive and spacious.

I continue to refer her house clearing services to everyone I know. And I continue get calls from people filled with gratitude and success stories of their experience, which of course always blesses me and never surprises me.


Jessica Rueger

Self Mastery Teacher

Wedding Officiant

Rhonda’s space clearing immediately shifted the energy in my home, it feels more serene and uplifted. My kids have calmed down a bit — they even seem to be sleeping better. You can feel the shift.


Honor Hawkins

Holistic Wellbeing Coach


Energy Healer

 My husband and I bought a house 2 years ago for our family of four.  It’s a great house in a great neighborhood.  Unfortunately, the reason the previous owners were selling it was because they were getting a divorce. 


 About 4 months after moving in, we were finally feeling settled enough to become more comfortable and enjoy our new home.  However, I was noticing some of the rooms just didn’t feel good, despite fresh paint and nice looking furniture.  Some of the rooms had a thickness hanging in the air.  And when you entered the finished attic, you would get goose bumps and chills regardless of the temperature of the room. 


 I so desperately wanted our house to feel good, to promote happiness and harmony within my family, and to not be bogged down by any energy that was left behind by an unhappy household.  So, I called Rhonda.  She came over and performed a house clearing, a property clearing, gave some Feng Shui tips, and set up a crystal grid to help raise the vibration of the house.  She also gave me some pointers on how to clear the space if I ever felt any further shifts in energy. 


 Rhonda’s house clearing moved out the previous baggage and allowed us to fill this home with the lovely energy that our family enjoys.  I’m so pleased I hired her to help us.  With a little bit of love and maintenance, it has the most beautiful, relaxing, vibrant living space.  And ever since Rhonda’s visit, there have been no more chills and goose bumps in the attic.  J


Sara, Charleston SC

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