About Rhonda


  My name is Rhonda Lanier, first and foremost, thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in my work.  I'm so glad you are here, and maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful journey together. Until then, I would love to share with you a little about myself...

  For over 25 years, I’ve been amazingly blessed with a thriving Interior Design business, doing work that I truly love.  I have been so fortunate to work and excel in many beautiful, interesting and vibrant places, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Las Vegas to Charleston, and countless locations in between. I greatly enjoy the creative aspect of design work and relish the entire process from start to finish.


  Somewhere along the way, however, I was led down a new path… one that has awakened a part of me that I believe was just below the surface, waiting to flourish, my whole life.  As I followed this new path, it has led me on a journey, and in directions that I would have never imagined I would be traveling.


  I believe that the Universe guides us;sometimes we pay attention and know exactly what we need to do, and sometimes we don't and get lost along the way.


  I have always been a hard worker,  perfectionist, and control freak.  I am also competitive, a long distance runner, and not good at slowing down or sitting still. The Universe kept telling me to slow down, but I wasn't listening. 


  Then, I broke my ankle...but I was determined to  keep going on my original path.  I didn't listen and I didn't slow down. 

  The next message was loud and clear... I was in a car accident and could not work for almost 2 years.


  After my accident, I was forced into a place of stillness, a place of having to look at my life up close and personal, while lying flat on my back. I learned to pay attention and listen.  I guess this where my new path, my real "Spiritual Journey" began.


  When I did get up, it was a slow process. I learned that there was something beyond what I could physically see....something that was present with me, always. This presence taught me to hear, see, feel and know in an entirely new and exciting way. I learned to facilitate healings, to teach, and to counsel.


  In all this, I have learned that paying close attention to our Guidance is so very important in our journey.


 While I am still a hard worker, I try to be less of a perfectionist in my personal life and I am, well, a recovering control freak. :)


  I am so grateful for the direction my journey has taken me.  I love that I get to do something that heals, teaches, and counsels.  Everyone that crosses my path becomes an important part of my journey, just as I become an important part of theirs. The Universe guides us to each other and it is never by accident. 


  My Interior Design business still thrives and has evolved spiritually, as well. I hold space for and help create more peaceful and loving environments for my clients. These environments facilitate a more fulfilling life purpose using Feng Shui Interior Design principles. 


 I can't imagine not having this peaceful presence with me now, this part of me that helps me be positive under the most challenging circumstances. This peacefulness helps me know that each challenge that arises will pass... i know that I will be taken care of...I need only have trust and faith...


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